someone who attacks (Freq. 3)
Syn: ↑aggressor, ↑assailant, ↑assaulter
Derivationally related forms: ↑assault (for: ↑assaulter), ↑assail (for: ↑assailant), ↑aggress (for: ↑aggressor), ↑attack
Hypernyms: ↑wrongdoer, ↑offender
ambusher, ↑avenger, ↑retaliator, ↑beast, ↑wolf, ↑savage, ↑brute, ↑wildcat, ↑bludgeoner, ↑bully, ↑tough, ↑hooligan, ↑ruffian, ↑roughneck, ↑rowdy, ↑yob, ↑yobo, ↑yobbo, ↑harasser, ↑harrier, ↑iconoclast, ↑marauder, ↑predator, ↑vulture, ↑piranha, ↑night rider, ↑nightrider, ↑raper, ↑rapist, ↑shedder, ↑spiller, ↑slasher, ↑stabber, ↑stoner, ↑lapidator

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